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What does the revival of the magic of the Ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian Astrologers mean to you and your personal chart?

…It shows the wonder of the unfolding story that is your life and you are  at the Center stage!  Within your chart the Mesopotamians saw the many players in your life among the planets, and they knew so much more about their powerful qualities!                

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A recording of the original Mesopotamian Visual Astrology lecture

by Debbie Keil-Leavitt  is available through these links:

Visual Astrology Part 1, Visual Astrology Part 2,

Visual Astrology Part 3.

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Underworld Goddess Erishkigal/Venus

The Planets Roles in Your Life

                    Do you know if your Venus (Innana/Erishkigal) was rising or setting?

  • How bright she was/if she was “enchanted?”

  • Was she blessing someone/something?

  • Is your Mars (Nergal) happy and with his lover or angry?

  • Is your Mercury (Nabu) a planner, a carrier of happy or sad message, working for the establishment?

  • Is your Jupiter (the Crown Prince) Sulpa’e  like John F. Kennedy’s or

  • Nibiru like Dennis Wilson’s (Beach Boy who drowned at age 39)?

  • Is your Moon (Sin) a Crescent, Full,  or other and is He Traveling Above or Below a Planet?

What Does It All Mean?

These Are the Wonderful Gifts We Now Have from the Revival of  Mesopotamian Visual Astrology... And There Is More…the Egyptians!

Let’s not forget that all of our great astrological work was born of the magic of looking at a

dazzling night sky.  To Learn more about this Ancient View of Your Personal Chart, click here.


The Egyptian View

of the Stars and Planets - Parans

Like the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians considered far more than the zodiac we use today (the path of the Sun).  The Ancients between the Tigris and Euphrates looked at the path of the Moon and Venus and observed 18 constellations to consider with the “wanderer” players, the planets while paying homage to the entire sky.

Along the Nile they were interested in the entire visible sky.  While their primary god/goddess are below the modern zodiac, they are still the most prominent constellations in our Northern Winter skies…

…Yet modern astrology ignores the  ultimate Egyptian Goddess Isis (the brightest star in our sky rivaling Venus and Jupiter in her brilliance) She and Eternal Lover Osiris (constellation Orion) are an incredible sight every Winter night. The good news is, the Egyptians didn’t ignore these powerful influences and neither will we!


Would you like to know what a reading of your chart that doesn’t “dis” these Ancient Powers might mean?... Finally you can honor all the great star energies prominent in your chart without the need to build the Sphinx or the Pyramids (that is unless you have thousands of subjects and infinite wealth like the Pharaohs)  Just ask Debbie for a little help here

Picture compliments of Dr. Dennis Harness, Ancient Oracle Tours


When the sun disappears and all seems lost...Suddenly countless ages and endless space are revealed to us  through a choir of stars singing the story of our eternal spirits."






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